Feature List

Fast and stable:
- SmartCJ is really fast, it handles millions of hits. For example, yourfilehost.com get's about 10 000 000 hits a day, pornhub.com - 4 000 000.

- All the information about your trades is stored in a bulletproof MySQL database. We don't want to reinvent a wheel and use proved solutions.

- We already released more then 40 update and we constantly add more features by your requests. New update is released once a month on average. Get your ideas realized !

Multiadmin for trade networks :
- You can get stats and manage trades for all your sites running SmartCJ from one place.

Custom admin area layouts and Custom Field :

- SmartCJ offers more then 60 types of stats and you can easily setup what types you want to see. In addition you can save your layouts as presets and switch between them 'on-the-fly'. You can also create custom field with custom data.

Trade Formula:
- Customize Trade Formula or even write your own. Or try from list of formulas offered by other users.

Sending/Counting hits:
- By default Smart CJ sends unique hits out (the script will never send the same surfer to the sites that he has already been to) and trades according to productivity; return ratios are adjusted automatically. The script works perfectly in auto mode, however you can customize every single aspect about how the script sends / counts the hits: you can specify (for all trades or just for a certain site) whether to send raw or unique hits / trade by productivity or by flat ratio.

- There's a helpful option of ratio limiting. Eg. if you set ratio limit to 180% the script will return hits by productivity but the sites with extremely productive traffic (over 180%) will be returned as if their traffic was productive by exactly 180%.

- You can use permanent links (all hits from such links will be sent to a specified trade only) and group links (all hits will be sent to a certain group of trades) to target your traffic better.

- Smart CJ has advanced force options. Besides the usual hourly force there is timed force feature. You can tell the script to send a certain amount of traffic to a trade at a specific time. With this feature you will be able to reach top positions in toplists easily by sending hits exactly at the time of toplist's reset. Moreover the script can stop forcing hits in case the trade doesn't return a minimum amount of traffic within a set peroid of time. (You can setup the required minimum of returns as a specific % from what is being sent).

- Surfers that don't have cookies and JavaScript turned on in their browsers can be sent to an special URL (eg. sponsor) or only to specific trades since most traffic trading scripts will not count such surfers as IN hits from your sites.

Real content support:
- Skimming (sending hits to galleries): You can setup a specific link to send surfers to a gallery say 60% of the time and to a trade 40% of the time. This feature can greatly improve your site's productivity.

- "First click" skimming: You can setup a link to send surfer to a gallery with 100% chance if it is his first click on your site.

Top refferers list:
- Create a toplist with your best trades and send traffic to them with or without tracking the amount of sent hits.
- Unlimited amount of toplists
- You can yourself customize the way top referrers list will look.
- By default our toplist ranking engine relies not only on the number of hits in, but also on productivity and many other parameters (you can select sort type)

Advanced page loading:
- You can create multiple main page layouts for you site. So whenever a surfer visits your site for the second time he will be shown a different version of your main page. This will increase your site's overall productivity.

- Smart CJ can show the surfer different main pages depending on where (from what trade / url) he came from. If you wish, for security reasons no trade will be able to link to your say console-free mainpage unless you edit that site's options in the "edit trade" menu.

- SmartCJ keeps the complete trade history and all the stats are as detailed as possible.
- Referrer stats. To make more sales you should know the origin of your traffic. You can view referrers for each trade separately or total referrers for your site.
- All recently added trades are marked as "NEW" for your convenience. Domains added within last day are shown in red color, domains added within last week are displayed in green.
- Add new trades via admin panel with one click. You can leave your own notes about each tade in the "edit trade" (or "add trade") dialogue.

Cheat protection:
- Besides the usual anticheat methods Smart CJ utilizes intricate cheat protection engine to detect even the most advanced cheat methods. We have spent weeks tweaking our intellectual cheater recognition system so you can rest assured that you never lose your traffic. The system analyzes the behavior of visitors and easily tells whether the clicks have been made by a human being or by a hitbot. With this feature you will never lose your traffic to cheaters even if you are out of business for a few days.

- You can setup Smart CJ to disable trades that are sending you highly unproductive traffic.

Auto sign up form:
- The Auto Signup form can be customized whether to accept new sites immediately or to start sending hits to them only after several amount of hits.

- Webmasters also can see their stats or contact you w\o exploding your real email address.

Trade tracking:
- Smart CJ can be setup to regularly scan your trades' mainpages for banned (illegal) keywords.

And Much More:
This is not a complete feature list. We have lots of useful features and you are welcome with new ideas.

System requirements:
- Any host that supports PHP and MySQL, SSH and FTP access.
- We will install the script for FREE.