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New Rotation Perfomance

With New Rotation you get a lot of pages. Old style rotation was like you create a finite number of pages (usually up to ten)

Pretty common situation: 300 categories, 7 pages in each, 3 ways to sort galleries inside category (CTR, date, duration) - it's 6300 pages.

It doesn't make sense to create those pages each minute so script creates it when someone requests it, stores in cache and uses cached version until it expires.

Thus we have 2 points to remember:

1. It takes time to create pages. if cache is empty it is called 'cold startup', we have to “warm up” cache , ie create some mostly visited pages.

2. Once cache is up it doesn't really matters how many visitors you have as it almost does not consume any resources to give away a page from cache.

Thus if you have 1 site with 50k or 500k traffic - it doesn't affect your server load too much as pages in most case will be cached. But if you have 5 sites with 10k traffic on each - it won't be the same at 1 site with 50k traffic as we have to create a full set of pages for each site.

Beside that your layout affects load: ie if you have 3 options to sort content it will be “total amount of pages * 3”, while if you have just 2 ways to soft it (it depends design actually , ether you have a link to another way to soft it or not) - you'll get less page to create ⇒ less load on server.

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