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 <​code>​cd /​PATH_TO_/​scj/​bin/;​ env php rotation.php process_deleted=true </​code>​ <​code>​cd /​PATH_TO_/​scj/​bin/;​ env php rotation.php process_deleted=true </​code>​
 +===== It does not grab this gallery ​ =====
 +Some galleries might have some peculiarities and are created in a way that the script can not download it.  We try to implement it as good as we can but if there'​s a gallery you'd like to add but the script can not parse it - you can use so called '​gateway'​ for it:
 +  * let's say a gallery http://​gallery/​ contains an image http://​gallery/​image.jpg but the script can not see it
 +  * we create file http://​your_server/​gate.php
 +  * and import the gallery ​ as http://​your_server/​gate.php?​url=http://​gallery/ ​
 +  * your script gate.php gets URL,  parses the real gallery and outputs it in a regular way , for example ​
 +<a href='​http://​image1'><​img src='​http://​thumb1'></​a>​
 +<a href='​http://​image2'><​img src='​http://​thumb2'></​a>​
 +and so on
 +Let's say we have importset http://​sponsor/​dump.php that outputs something like 
 +and we'd like to replace some_id some something more meaningful like http://​test/​modified_id
 +  * gate.php?​url=http://​sponsor/​dump.php
 +  * the gate gets URL, downloads it and replaces some_id with http://​test/​modified_id and outputs, so the script get's dump in a way you want it to be
 +  * we add gate.php?​url=http://​sponsor/​dump.php in import set instead of http://​sponsor/​dump.php
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