[b]Update 31[/b] (2008.06.29)

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[b]Update 31[/b] (2008.06.29)

Post by admin » Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:04 pm

[news_title]Admin Access Log, Cross browser clipboard, Personal skimming for SE, Best\Worst index and more[/news_title]

* Admin Access Log (see under maintanance tab) where you can see a log of Ips used to access admin area.
* Cross browser clipboard copy ability - used to copy predefined ICQ messages
* Personal skimming for SE
* Best\Worst index (to show traders with best\worst prod %, proxy % and so on)
* Traders screen (Trade tab) - active anf inactive traders are separated
* Mass Edit of Personal page
* Personal skimming for noref (101 - do not use this setting)
* Trade Edit\Trade delete
* Colimn added - Trader's Top Position (Settings→ CJ Settings - Display settings)
* Small fix to out.php
Have you done script update ?

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