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We've been working in this field for a long time and we know how to help you to grow traffic and to make your life easier.

With new SmartCJ Trade Script you can do even more than you are used to do with any other trade scripts. It is not only very Good and Smart trade script, it also has a lot of build in anticheat features and great thumb rotator !

Few years ago SmartCJ was also known as cj script, but nowadays this kind of scripts is placed under traffic trade scripts category. SmartCJ use AI based algorithm to exchange traffic with other sites and gives you unique tools to analize what you get in return.

Why is it so good ? SmartCJ is fully automatic but still has a lot of parameters so you can setup it in anyway you want. Just one feature to prove that - trade formula is open source and you can change it in any way you want, while all other scripts hide it somewhere inside.

No more "one fits all"! Our users created custom formula for a new site to grow and another formula for a big site to be stable. Some of them are willing to share it with everybody else so you can try it and decide if it suits you. Of course, you still may use default SmartCJ formula.

Need more features? You are welcome! Offer your feature and we will implement it. SmartCJ has more features then any other script. We already released more then 30 updates during last 2 years. All updated are made from admin area - just click on update link and that's all, no need to use SSH or manually upload any files.

Is it fast? Yes, for example, uses SmartCJ and this site has more then 10 million hits every day. SmartCJ also may be used on distributed file systems, for example if you have 2 and more fron-end servers.

It is stable and secure. You can leave you signup form open and don't worry about cheaters. Script automatically checks known blacklists and trade checkers, runs traffic check algorithms on each trader. Even if someone else of SmartCJ users has blacklisted one of your traders - script will mark those traders with yellow color so you can pay some attention there.

This script could save your money even from the very beginning thanks to it's price. What we definitely have to notice is script's support. Email, ICQ and even Wiki, where existing users can add their comments and request features.

Revisit this site! We are going to release free trade script: you will get great trade in exchange for 1% of your traffic.

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