[b]Update 43[/b] (2010.04.01)

[b]Update 43[/b] (2010.04.01)

Postby admin on Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:22 pm

[news_title]Addons for Tube Service, Page Injection Protection, cron optimizations and[/news_title]

* Fast Stats update
* more AJAX in Trade screen
* modified cache functions
* Advanced page check algorithm (Settings - other settings - List of pages to protect) - checkы your pages against modifications
* New color select plugin with preselection
* Global Admin : sync of almost all data among sites
* Global Admin : Google PR of your sites
* Global Admin : multuthreading for faster data loading

* Rotation : Sphinx search, really good search for big DB
* Rotation Groups: Massedit, Multuadd
* Rotation Multicategories: each thumb could belong to more then 1 group (was 1 before)

* Tube: tags cloud

* Galleries : you can create your own galleries using sponsor's content (even using hotlink)
Have you done script update ?
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